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in-tune with your needs

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in-tune with your needs

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Language training

at the heart of our profession

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Language training

at the heart of our profession

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Learn and progress

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Supercomm, a language school in Switzerland?

A centre of linguistic competence

Supercomm proposes language lessons for professionals and individuals throughout Switzerland, and, thanks to suitable distance–learning tools, throughout the entire world. 

More than a language school, Supercomm is a genuine centre of linguistic competence.  Whatever your needs and expectations, we agree with you a tailor-made solution.  Together we redefine language training.

Since its creation in Geneva in 1984, Supercomm has established itself as a major player in the economic fabric of French-speaking Switzerland.  This development is due to our constant desire to innovate and to adapt simultaneously to new technologies and to the requirements of our professional and individual clients.

In 30 years of existence, Supercomm has introduced a real revolution in the concept of language training.  Far from the measured academicism of traditional language schools, we offer personalised, adapted solutions, indeed training courses tailored to your needs and expectations.

A word from our Managing Director

And if we decided to reinvent language training together?

If big and multinational companies are accustomed to the notion of quality for a long time, and have equipped themselves with the tools to measure quality, Supercomm belongs to those training centres which have successfully anticipated this need for global efficiency and reacted by proposing integrated solutions which are practical, simple and rapid, together with the means which allow companies to measure effectively their return on investment.

Nowadays new learners need to be assisted in the preparation of their next presentation in Shanghai, or at the company headquarters in New York, or indeed a coach to help them present their arguments effectively so as to convince their customers or directors.

On the other hand, it is not only the teaching style which is important, but the ability to offer a service beyond reproach:  immediate reaction to a specific need, guarantee of success, possibility of globalising training courses, appraisal of learners by their trainers and conversely, financial report of active programmes, etc.

Always actively listening to companies and their new needs, Supercomm set up some time ago an exclusive service of on-line reporting, called ISKRANET, intended for Human Resources.  Thanks to this service it is possible to download, in real time and in all places, the information essential for the management and monitoring of the language programmes of their employees.

By browsing the pages of this site, I invite you to discover some of the solutions which have simplified the lives of thousands of learners and have been responsible for the success of Supercomm for three decades now.

Happy reading and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Ray GASSMANN, Managing Director
Supercomm Languages & Communication Switzerland

Photo - bloc 01 Raymond GASSMANN

Globalisation demands a high performance from each of us.  In addition, each student and his or her needs is different.  Because of this, Supercomm has innovated for 30 years now, creating for companies complementary learning systems which enable students to master more rapidly the essentials of a new language.

Supercomm in a few lines

  • 4 centres
  • Language training throughout Switzerland
  • 30 years of experience
  • 12 languages taught
  • Almost 300 trainers
  • 300 partner companies
  • 400 publications available
  • 8000 learners taught every year


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