For more than 30 years, Supercomm has been at the forefront of innovation and technology development in adult education. We have now developed our own materials, notably in the field of Digital Learning.

This enables us to offer face-to-face or distance-learning courses using Skype for Business which can be accessed on a laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Our own IDLS (Integrated Digital Learning Solution) includes a wide range of tools which speed up learners’ progress. Your employees, based on their own needs and personal schedules, can use Rapid Learning modules, Virtual Classes, Virtual Outings, Social Integration modules, etc …

ALTAÏR allows learners who usually attend group classes but who cannot be present because of business travel or irregular working hours, to remain in the same group, thanks to revision exercises and individual preparation they can do in the Rapid Learning modules, in preparation for the following class.

|It is recognised that using ALTAIR enables a learner to achieve results 30% faster.

Supercomm’s programs are accessible on the cloud and correspond with the norms of the Web.

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