Let’s talk about Return on Investment (ROI) using a few examples of Supercomm’s language programs. In each of the following cases, we have emphasized an immediate ROI, realizing that simple division of program cost by the number of lessons should not be the primary consideration.

Michaela is a bus driver who struggles to answer passengers in English. Her working hours are irregular: sometimes she works in the morning, other times in the afternoon or evening. With a flexible Supercomm programme, she can attend her English course in person one week and the next, she uses Skype on her smartphone. After every session, Michaela uses ALTAIR to revise the lesson and to prepare for the next one. In a year, she will pass the First Certificate!
Michaela, Bus driver
Working in insurance in the US, Pamela had to follow her husband to Switzerland. Having left her friends and job, all she wanted to do was to return to the US. A three-month “French for Newcomers” programme enabled her to find a job and change her mind. Once settled, her expatriation became a true success. Her husband’s company had, without doubt, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Pamela, Insurance
Called in at the last minute, Anna, a construction engineer, had to give a presentation at the headquarters of her new client in Frankfurt. A language trainer with knowledge of Anna’s business sector accompanied her on the trip, helping her prepare her PowerPoint presentation and doing some role-play, so that she could have the confidence to get her points across and convince her audience. An example of optimal return on investment.
Anna , Construction engineer
In one month Charlene, beginner level in Portuguese, will take charge of the Marketing Department in the Brazilian subsidiary of her company. The solution is Total Immersion, which will enable Charlene to understand her local contacts, and be influential with good fluency and confidence. In merely four weeks, her Portuguese will be just as brilliant as her ideas.
Charlene, Marketing

Even with Karen’s eight years of language training in German, she struggled to write simple emails and typically had to ask her HR colleagues for assistance. Supercomm provided an extensive refresher course for several months in a small evening group setting, following up with several lessons from a coach who had professional experience in HR. Karen realized an increase in job satisfaction, saved a considerable amount of time for herself and her coworkers and avoided language blunders. Supercomm accomplished this at a cost of less than one month of Karen’s salary.

Karen, HR
Max, a recent graduate from business school, was an expert with an Excel spreadsheet, but significantly less so when corresponding in Word. A Supercomm targeted writing course enabled him to overcome his shortfall so that his business correspondence was completed without having to ask for help from his colleagues. It is often small details such as this, which improve an individual’s performance and at the same time enhances his contribution to the company, reflects a more favorable company image, plus an increase in Max’s job-satisfaction.
Max, Recent graduate
Johann spent two years switching from one language school to another, before taking a SUPERCOMM QuickwinTest. Six months were enough to bring him up to C1 level, but what a pity that he and his company had to wait so long for him to get up to scratch. How many contracts were lost during this time?
Johann , IT engineer
Wanting to improve the performance of its international telephone operators, this sports equipment manufacturer had them follow a coaching programme over the telephone, supported by product catalogues.
Less than six months later, their level of English had progressed, in record time, from A2 to B2.
Georges, Manufacturer of sports equipment - International markets
Often sidelined for language reasons during international cardiology conferences, this surgeon had to refresh his English quickly. After a few role-play sessions with one of our coaches, a trained journalist, he fearlessly took the floor at the next cardiology conference and presented his research with passion.
John, International conferences
Called at the last minute, Frank was selected to give a sales presentation at the headquarters of a new customer in Argentina. Supercomm provided a language coach to Frank who had professional experience in Frank’s line of work, accompanied him during his trip, collaborated on his PowerPoint presentation and provided role-play training. Frank delivered his presentation confidently and convincingly.

A rising star in Swiss political circles was excluded from significant debates and   commissions in the Swiss Federal Chambers, as his language abilities were limitedto his native French. Supercomm selected a German language coach with previousexperience as a journalist to improve his German language skills. By role-playing, he was able to deliver an energetic speech in Parliament and secure the interests of his region.

Frédéric, Political

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