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Supercomm is a Swiss company specialising in professional development. At the cutting edge of pedagogical and technological innovation since it was founded more than 30 years ago. Year after year, Supercomm moulded itself as a “Global Contractor”, developing various home made didactic systems, notably in the field of digital learning, ERP and LMS.


Thanks to an immersive approach to language, personalised support and a unique system of integrated Digital learning – one service method for all media – you can easily and quickly master a new language, wherever you are and whenever you want.



Digital learning

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops

A unique interactive experience that’s both rewarding and fun


Progress naturally and converse in person or online with your instructors, all while putting your professional vocabulary into practice.
Gain confidence quickly thanks to the extended availability of the instructors, videos and audio texts accessible online through Microsoft Lync or Skype for Business.


Daily life


Our Research & Development department staff are experts in all the stages and tools that encourage the acquisition of the desired linguistic fluency as well as to create links between our LMS and yours.

A flexible digital integrated system
(or blended method)



Dynamic development


Increase your linguistic fluency through fun, playful exercises that are proven to be effective.


Cross Cultural





At the heart of the Supercomm method, the instructors are specialists in boosting your employees’ talents. All native-speakers, they are recruited, trained and constantly monitored by our Pedagogical Department in accordance with the eduQua standard, in order to guarantee you the highest quality of service and optimal efficiency.

Moreover, most of them have professional experience in industry or business (finance, HR, legal, marketing, health, defence, IT, pharmaceuticals, chemistry etc.), which makes them the perfect partners for ‘talking business’.

You can ask us for french, english, german, italian, spanish, portuguese, arabic, russian, japanese, chinese, turkish, and more if needed.

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Digital Learning

The Supercomm programmes are provided in multi media (or blended) mode.
This means the sessions can be carried out face-to-face or remotely via Microsoft LYNC or Skype for Business, from a portable computer, smartphone or tablet. To complement this, ALTAÏR, our integrated and tutored IDLS (integrated digital learning solution) Digital Learning platform, offers a wide range of tools that promotes the progress of your employees by adapting to the needs and rhythm of each person: rapid learning modules, virtual class, virtual outings, serious games, social learning etc.
The Supercomm tools can be accessed via the Cloud and comply with the standards HTML5, SCORM 1.2, AICC 3.5 and SCORM 2004.

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Online monitoring

A pioneer in the field, Supercomm was among the first linguistic training centres to design and use an online monitoring platform. ISKRANET is an innovative guidance tool, primarily for HR staff who can consult it to see the progress achieved and the attendance of your employees. It also allows learners to evaluate the quality of the instructors and the programmes offered.

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Language certificates

Boost your employees’ careers by giving them the opportunity to sit a language exam and validate their achievements!
Supercomm can prepare them for most official exams and guide them, maximising their chance of getting their certificate. 
Specific programmes can be developed based on a level test and sessions are supervised by an instructor, face-to-face or remotely.
It doesn’t matter if your employees are spread all over the world. All they need to do is to be in front of their computer, smartphone or tablet at the appointed time to follow the session.

Relaunch their career by sitting a recognised test or exam:

  • Test TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication)
  • Test BULATS (Business Language Testing Service)
  • Alliance Française
  • Goethe Institut
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)
  • Dante

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Cross cultural programme

Supercomm will step in before the arrival of your expatriates by providing them with basic knowledge of their host country with a cross cultural programme. They will then start their linguistic programmes.


When they relocate, newcomers will integrate more easily, since they will have already met their instructor via distance learning sessions. Your employees will also be able to follow programmes specially adapted to the urgency of their situation, their schedules and their needs. Their spouses can also familiarise themselves with the customs of the country: guided visits, afternoon tea/happy hour, cooking workshops, discovery rally weekends (cultural visits, skiing and mountain biking trips, geography, winemaking etc.), which will enable them to get to know other newcomers and locals. Experience shows that continuity in guidance, is the key to successful integration.


In order to develop a strategy together, adapted to the needs of your employees, we carry out an initial assessment of their linguistic knowledge using our exclusive QuickwinTesting system. This will allow you to analyse the extent and speed of the progress achieved and the cost/results ratio.

Evaluation of ROI (return on investment) 

Thanks to the ISKRANET online monitoring portal, you can follow the progress of your employees in real-time. Supercomm will also provide you with a ‘SPOC’ (Single Point of Contact), to guide you through the programmes and respond to your questions at any time: monitoring your teams, formalising the books, accounting questions etc.

Gaining R.O.I.

  • johann

    Johann – IT engineer

    Johann spent two years switching from one language school to another, before sitting a SUPERCOMM QuickwinTesting session. Six months were enough to bring him up to C1 level, but what a pity that he and his company had to wait so long for this brilliant IT engineer to get up to scratch. How many contracts were lost during this time?

  • equipementier

    Manufacturer of sports equipment –International selling

    Wishing to improve the performance of their telephone operators internationally, this manufacturer of sports equipment had them follow a coaching programme over the telephone, supported by product catalogues.
    Less than six months later, their level of English progressed from A2 to B2 in record time.

  • anna

    Anna — Construction engineer

    Called in at the last minute, Anna, a construction engineer, had to give a presentation at the headquarters of her new client in Francfort. A linguistic coach from the same sector accompanied her on her journey, helping her prepare her PowerPoint presentation and doing some role-play, so that she could have all the confidence needed to get her points across and convince her audience. An example of optimal return on investment.

  • pamela,

    Pamela – Insurance

    Working in insurance in the USA, Pamela had to follow her husband to Switzerland. Having left her friends and her job, all she wanted to do was return to her home country. A three-month “French for Newcomers” programme enabled her to find a job and change her mind. Once settled, her expatriation became a true success. Her husband’s company had doubtless saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • chirurgien

    surgeon – International conferences

    Marginalised during international cardiology conferences, this surgeon had to refresh his English quickly. After a few role-play sessions with one of our coaches, a trained journalist, he fearlessly took to the floor at the next cardiology conference and presented his research with passion.


faster than traditional system

average pass rate for language exams

average pass rate for efficiency for e-Learning programms

years of experience

languages taught

trained/experienced instructors

learners taught each year

Our trainers have a unique expertise with companies of all kinds and economic sectors, especially :

  • Automotive

  • Aviation

  • Consulting

  • Cosmetics

  • Defense

  • Food industry

  • Government

  • High-tech industries

  • Insurance

  • IT

  • Local, national & international organisations

  • Luxury

  • Media & entertainment

  • Oil industry

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Private banking

  • R & D

  • Ready-to-wear

  • Real estate

  • Retail

  • Telecommunication

  • Tourism

  • Trading

  • Watchmaking


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