Are you looking for a professional, efficient translation service?
  • Reputable translation agency established in 1990 in Switzerland - at your service!
  • Professional translating and interpreting service
  • Drawing on our international network of professional translators, we will translate your texts to any language.

Our service includes:

  • apostilles by the Chancellery of Zug
  • documents certified by a notary

A professional interpreting service

A service to help you understand better. Improved comprehension is guaranteed by our interpreting service. We offer the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish (other languages on request) Our hourly rates start at CHF 180.00 (excluding travel costs and TVA).

We have translators with specialised knowledge of the following:

Business consulting

Company formations, commercial registrations, certifications, legal matters, liability cases, annual accounts, conditions of sale

Private documents

Certificates, marriage documents, divorce documents, applications for asylum...

Human Resources management

Assessment of potential, evaluations, job descriptions, work contracts, certificates, personnel insurance

Technical sector

Security technology, security audits, construction quotations, specifications and descriptions of materials, lighting techniques and the manufacture of cables

Pharmaceutical / medical

Operational processes and the management of pharmaceutical enterprises, summaries and product descriptions

Legal services

Bankruptcy proceedings, inheritance-law disputes, adoption processes, purchase and sale agreements…

Hotels and tourism

Website content, descriptions of hotels, details of special offers, welcome documents

Marketing and sales

Business brochures, product descriptions, publicity leaflets, correspondence, Internet content, presentations, sales documents, terminology linked to a language and to a sector

What is the fastest way to receive your translation?

When making an enquiry please provide us with:
  • Original and target language
  • Certification by a notary: yes/no; apostille by the Chancellery of Zug: yes/no
  • Deadlines to respect
  • Special requests
  • Contact information

Translations pricelist

German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
CHF 0.39 / word
Other languages
CHF 0.56 / word
Complex specialised texts
Depending on work required
Set rate for short translations
CHF 75.00
Certification by a notary, price per document
CHF 50.00
Apostilles, legal documents, price per document
CHF 60.00
Work done at short notice
+ 50%
Handwritten documents
+ 20 - 50%
Handling fee
CHF 30.00
Note: prices exclude TVA

Contact us to receive a quote

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