Do you lack motivation when you are working from home or on a distance language course? Do you lack organisation and are you looking for the best advice on how to get organised and stay motivated? You’ve come to the right place! Focus on the tips most recommended by professionals.

Have a motivating workspace

To stay motivated when working from home or when taking an online language course, we strongly recommend that you create a motivating workspace. This should be a clear boundary with other living spaces. Preferably reserve a small room with a desk, a comfortable chair, a few plants, decorative objects, etc. Don’t forget to give particular importance to the light in the room!

Organise the work day efficiently

Once you have created your workspace, now is the time to organise your day to optimise your schedule.

For people who choose to work remotely or want to learn a language by taking a course at home, it’s recommended that you set small, short-term goals. To get more organised, don’t hesitate to use the right tools. For freelancers, for example, Slack is an increasingly useful solution, but there are plenty of others!


Of course, you can follow a distance learning course on your own, but it would be preferable to keep in touch with other learners. This can be done by using an instant messaging service, such as WhatsApp or Signal. The same applies to people who work from home.

Collaborating with other learners or team members can only increase your motivation. So why not?

Change your environment

While the above tips are sufficient to keep you organised and motivated, it may be a good idea to change your environment from time to time.

If you feel that your productivity is not at its best in your office, sometimes you just need to move to another room.

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