Life at Supercomm as a Recycled Marketing Manager

By Martin TAYLOR, Supercomm English Trainer

As a long-standing teacher at Supercomm I thought it might be interesting to write an article for the blog to share with you some of my experiences and opinions, and maybe to explain a little how I have managed to build a second career.  I joined Supercomm during the last century (1999), having spent many years working with multinational companies, notably as a Marketing Manager.  My last company, BP Chemicals decided to move their Business Centre away from Switzerland and I decided to stay, close to my family and friends, as well as a number of activities I had taken up here.

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The Next Chapter

By Tina Mehta, Supercomm English Trainer

I came to Switzerland from England six years ago for my husband’s work and haven’t looked back since. It’s a very typical expat story. But my story took a surprising twist when I got ‘onboard’ with Supercomm as an English teacher. 

After having two children, who are now both going to school, I decided I wanted to start a new chapter in my life and try something different, now I have more time on my hands. So I ‘embarked’ on a journey with Supercomm and ‘took to the air’.

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Les formations linguistiques à l'heure du digital

Une récente statistique démontre que 87% des salariés européens ont suivi l'an passé des formations en tous genres et parmi ceux-ci, près de la moitié (49%) l'ont fait à distance. Ce chiffre n'est pas anodin et va croître au cours des années à venir puisque pas moins de 84% des DRH considèrent que la formation au sein de leur entreprise va vers plus de digital. 

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