By Tina Mehta, Supercomm English Trainer

I came to Switzerland from England six years ago for my husband’s work and haven’t looked back since. It’s a very typical expat story. But my story took a surprising twist when I got ‘onboard’ with Supercomm as an English teacher.

After having two children, who are now both going to school, I decided I wanted to start a new chapter in my life and try something different, now I have more time on my hands. So I ‘embarked’ on a journey with Supercomm and ‘took to the air’.

I ‘checked-in’ at the initial training session and it was a little daunting at first because it was my first job in 8 years! There was a ‘little turbulence on take-off’ but now ‘I’m flying’! It’s hard work but nothing comes from nothing and it’s very enjoyable.

There is something very rewarding and gratifying in watching your learners grow and develop their language abilities. The flexibility the role offers in terms of part-time working and being able to choose the hours I work is perfect from a work-life balance perspective; I think more mums should consider working flexibly like this and Supercomm offers that option in a perfect way.

I have found the ongoing Continuous Training Programme offered by Supercomm to be an invaluable tool in the development of my teaching skills; I recently tried out my first continuous training webinar via Skype a few weeks ago and I found it to be very beneficial in terms of sharing teacher experiences and connecting with each other.

I am slowly increasing the number of ‘passengers I take on’ and increasing the hours I work as I become more confident. My ‘actual flying time’ has not been long, but now I’m ‘cruising at good speed and altitude’ and I don’t want to land! When I started this new chapter in my life, I knew I wanted the chance to ‘stand out whilst being part of something outstanding’ and you know what?… I think I’ve found it!

I would like to sincerely thank Bryan, Rui and the HR dept., Francisco, Carol Gray and Barbara Stanton for taking a chance on me and welcoming me so warmly to the Supercomm family.

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