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On first consideration, Supercomm may not appear to offer anything more than any other “language school”. However, when examined more closely, our diligent approach to each of our procedures (language audit, identification of learners’ objectives, concurrent monitoring of learners, instructors, and each learner’s progress) will greatly reassure any HR Manager. Their company personnel who receive Supercomm language training, can now devote themselves more completely to their professional position. Both the learner and the company attain a better professional image and on-the-job performance.

Online monitoring of language programs

As far back as 2009, Supercomm created ISKRANET , the first complete online system for monitoring language programs. It is available for HRD and learners. Certified instructors use a tablet with secure internet access to post on one of our servers, pertinent information relating to each lesson, concurrently making it available to HRD and learners.

In 2019, Supercomm creates Cassiopeia , its new monitoring and validation platform.

HR Portal

Cassiopeia indicates attendance of learners, program evaluations by instructors/learners and the financial balance of active programs. ISKRANET language training reports and data are available to partner-clients in Excel format. Supercomm can personalize program reports to company requirements to reduce HRD’s work load.
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Learners’ Portal

Thanks to Cassiopeia, learners can move their lessons, choose another instructor, consult their planning details, view the progress of their program during an absence and complete assigned exercises.

Supercomm offers our unique expertise to partner-clients of all sizes and learners in every area of commerce and industry. This currently includes*:

  • Insurance

  • Aviation

  • Automobile

  • Cosmetics

  • Retail

  • Government

  • Real Estate Business

  • High-tech industry

  • IT and New Technologies

  • Watch and Clock Making

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Oil industry

  • Pharmaceutical Retailing

  • Local, Federal & Int’l. Organizations

  • Luxury Articles

  • Ready to wear

  • Private Banking

  • Telecommunications

  • Tourism

  • Trading

*Supercomm maintains the privacy of partner-clients.

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