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How we approach linguistic training for companies

When Supercomm formulates a company project, it anticipates a positive return on investment with language training built around several key elements. These elements include a linguistic audit of the company, identification of student objectives, setting up training courses, and monitoring of courses. To do this, several essential professionals are in place to ensure the ultimate, cost-effective language learning experience.

The Key Account Manager (KAM)

Each company’s learning program is coordinated by a Supercomm KAM who is responsible for advising the company of all the program details, selecting the ideal number of partici-pants in each group, promoting the ways and means to maintain a high level of learners’ success and providing immediate feedback when program objectives are affected.

The Quality Team (QT)

Assisted by our instructors and by the Testing Manager, the QT sets up the programs, and in close cooperation with department heads during the initial language audit. Contents of these programs are validated before and after they commence. A learner’s progress is monitored throughout the course and periodic quality checks are conducted. The results of these quality checks are available to the Human Resources Department (HRD) of the client-partner.

Our training solutions

Sequence of a learning programme