To facilitate the assimilation of expatriates and their families, Supercomm developed innovative and inexpensive language programs which help expatriates feel at home in their new country. These programs include guided visits to points of-interest, an afternoon tea, cooking workshops, and exploring week-ends, during which they will meet other newcomers and local residents.

Cultural integration programme

Supercomm will step in using Skype before the arrival of your expatriates by providing them with key knowledge of their new country through a cultural integration programme. After this, they will start their linguistic programmes.


On arrival, they will continue working with their trainer. Thus your employees will be able to follow programmes specially adapted to their schedules and needs during their first months in their new country.

Their spouses can also familiarise themselves with their new country: guided visits, afternoon tea/happy hour, cooking workshops, discovery weekends (cultural visits, skiing and mountain biking trips, geography, winemaking etc.), which will enable them to get to know other newcomers and locals alike.
Experience shows that successful integration comes from continuity in who helps you to integrate and the techniques they use.

Partners in human resources


In order to develop a strategy together, adapted to the needs of your employees, we carry out an initial assessment of your staff member’s linguistic knowledge using our exclusive QuickwinTesting system.
This will allow you to analyse the extent and speed of the progress achieved and the cost/results ratio.

ROI (return on investment) assessment

Thanks to the Cassiopeia online monitoring portal, you can follow the progress of your employees in real-time.

Supercomm will also provide you with a ‘SPOC’ (Single Point of Contact), to guide you through the programmes and respond to your questions at any time: monitoring your teams, formalising the assessment, accounting questions etc.

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