Blended Learning Programmes

Learning a language and practicing it in an entertaining, dynamic multimedia environment are essential to progress quickly and keep motivation high.

Combined with our face-to-face or distance learning courses, e-learning solutions help learners to make the most of their language training programme. Videos, dialogues, pronunciation tools and exclusive external con-tent are available.

Teachers easily monitor online activities and direct the learners throughout the programme, ensuring that training objectives are reached. HR/Managers enjoy a privileged access to useful data such as the time spent online by each student.


The training combines several modalities

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Blended Learning benefits

  • Available anytime and anywhere

  • Tailor-made content and tutoring

  • Real-time tracking

  • Less constraints and more savings

Integrated teaching system

Thanks to our exclusive Altaïr e-learning modules, Supercomm learners can use any learning medium in virtual and/or face-to-face classes (e-books, audio, e learning, etc.) to work on any themes and reinforce vocabulary, practical grammar and common expressions throughout their programme.

Système didactique intégré

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