Because globalization demands the performance of each of us, but also because each learner, each need is different, Supercomm has been innovating for 30 years by creating complementary educational systems for companies, including language courses in Geneva, and all cities in Switzerland, which enables them to master more quickly the essence of a new language.

Whether face-to-face with our coaches or trainers throughout Switzerland, in Blended Learning or remotely (e-Learning, Skype, phone, etc.) around the world, Supercomm sets up and manages daily measurable ROI solutions for more than 300 client-partners. Enroll now if you are looking for French courses in Geneva, Lausanne, Nyon, Zürich, Zoug, Luzern, Bern and all other cities in Switzerland.

Since 2009, Supercomm has also made available an exclusive online reporting system which enables you to monitor learners’ progress daily and to instantly find statistics related to current language programmes.

Together, let’s re-imagine linguistic training

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