Approval and commitment


Please note that your line manager and HR Business Partner must approve (agreement in principle) any request to sign up for a language course.
The language programmes require investment, in terms of both regular attendance and revision time. A recognised exam should take place at the end of the course.

  • Standard package – Employee: 36 hours
  • Standard package – Spouse: 36 hours

Start of the sessions

Private or collective classes may start at any time.


The classes are given by Supercomm and are held on the employee’s company premises (staff are responsible for booking the rooms where the classes will be held).
The classes for the spouses are given at Supercomm Geneva. The class schedules are to be determined with the school directly.

Process for register to set up courses

  1. Employees conduct individual interviews in May 2019 to gather their language training needs and to establish training objectives.
  2. Employee contacts Supercomm by sending his duly completed registration form below
  3. Supercomm evaluates the employee’s language level. The evaluation process is as follows:
    • Written assessment: The written test is in the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire (QCM) which will be sent directly to their e-mail address (approximate duration: 30 minutes)
    • Oral assessment: The oral test is in the form of a telephone conversation with a professional tester. Our tester will contact the student at first to make an appointment for the evaluation (approximate duration: 5 to 20 minutes)
  4. Upon receipt of the results and determination of the course objective, Supercomm sends a training proposal to the responsible persons for approval.
  5. Upon confirmation of the training request, Supercomm contacts the employee by e-mail to begin the planning and implementation of the courses.
  6. The training schedule is then managed directly between the collaborator and the trainer selected.

General information of the employee

This information is required to register for the official exam.
This information is required to register for the official exam.